Smokeless Coal Fuel

Another reason are switching to Surelite is that it wont spark or spit like traditional smoky bituminous coal. Regarding the smoke, when you first place it in the coating causes smoke, it doesn't "smoke out" the house we just leave the door closed. Wood also causes a small amount of smoke and so do heat logs. In comparison to old fashioned coal it generates barely any smoke.

Phurnacite is our premium grade smokeless coal for customers using cookers, room heaters, and stoves, where outright heating performance is all that matters. The hard, clean-burning Phurnacite briquette packs together into a tight firebed that provides long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat. This great value smokeless coal has a long fire life, a low ash content, and an excellent heat output. It may not be our best performing fuel but it is competitively priced and offers great value for money. Very little ash is left after burning our smokeless coal, and as the name suggests, it does not produce any visible smoke as it combusts. It is not expelling a large amount of particulates as it burns, like other kinds of coal do.

Smokeless fuels serve as a potential replacement for fuels such as coal, which produce smoke upon combustion. Examples of smokeless fuels are anthracite, coke, charcoal and hexamine fuel tablets. Smoke-free carbonaceous fuels are usually supplied in the form of standard pillow-shaped briquettes. Such fuel tablets are used by campers for cooking or heating.

Brazier Smokeless Fuel is a clean burning, compact smokeless fuel specially designed for use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. It gives good performance, burning longer than house coal with a gradual and consistent release of heat. HETAS approved Smokeless Fuel 1 x 20 Kilo Bag It is great value, considerably cheaper than other premium smokeless fuels. This consists of two different products, Lignite nuggets and Calco pure which combined produce a smokeless coal which is a very popular product with us.

Very easy and straightforward to light and provides a warm, dry, smokeless and consistent heat that can easily last through the night. It keeps an average sized family home warm even during the coldest times of winter. Once your returned items have been received, your refund will be processed within 10 working days. Your refund will be processed via the same method of payment that you used to pay for your order.

In the unlikely event you receive a faulty, damaged or incorrect product, contact us within 7 days and we will refund or replace it. Orders are currently taking 3-5 working days for delivery due to high volumes of demand. Orders that weigh over 375kg will incur an Smokeless Coal additional Big and Bulky delivery charge. Giving fantastic performance and powerful heat every time, our Homefire Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs Bulk Bags are Ready to Burn certified. This is how my 14 quid bag of coal turned up, in a cut open bag and loose coal inside.

] are fitted with open fireplaces when coal was in widespread use for domestic heating. However, modern houses are rarely equipped with fireplaces and central heating with natural gas or electricity is the usual choice. As a late comer to coal, burning logs for the past 10 years, I just thought I would try it, WOW, what a difference!!

Burning with a natural and attractive flame Wildfire Smokeless is approved Ready to Burn smokeless fuel and can be banked comfortably overnight. A natural smokeless fuel, ideal for use in solid fuel appliances such as gravity and hopper-fed boilers. Our smokeless coal is the perfect sustainable choice for your open fire with less CO2 and more heat, all while lasting longer than traditional coal. Delivered straight to your door, Homefire smokeless coal comes in a variety of forms, including Brazier, Taybrite, and Instant Light. Find the best smokeless coal by browsing through our collection today. EasyGlow Ltd was established in 2012, we are located on the Fermanagh Monaghan border.


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