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Smokeless Coal Fuel

Another reason are switching to Surelite is that it wont spark or spit like traditional smoky bituminous coal. Regarding the smoke, when you first place it in the coating causes smoke, it doesn't "smoke out" the house we just leave the door closed. Wood also causes a small amount of smoke and so do heat logs. In comparison to old fashioned coal it generates barely any smoke. Phurnacite is our premium grade smokeless coal for customers using cookers, room heaters, and stoves, where outright heating performance is all that matters. The hard, clean-burning Phurnacite briquette packs together into a tight firebed that provides long lasting, consistent, and controllable heat. This great value smokeless coal has a long fire life, a low ash content, and an excellent heat output. It may not be our best performing fuel but it is competitively priced and offers great value for money. Very little ash is left after burning our smokeless coal, and as the name suggests, it does no